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Yellowstone to Yukon

Combining science and stewardship, we seek to ensure that the world-renowned wilderness, wildlife, native plants, and natural processes of the Yellowstone to Yukon region continue to function as an interconnected web of life, capable of supporting all of its natural and human communities, for current and future generations. To realize this vision, Y2Y was officially created in 1997 by conservationists and scientists who saw a need for an organization to operate as a guide and a connector.

Kananaskis Trail Report

Kananaskis Country's Trails Report is updated weekly on Thursdays unless important new conditions

Banff National Park Trail Report

Recent trail conditions, openings, and closures.

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More info on bears

Banff National Park publication: "BEARS and PEOPLE: A Guide to Safety and Conservation on the Trail"

More info on cougars

Alberta Parks information: "Living with Cougars" and other good stuff.

Alberta Bear Smart

The Bow Valley Wild Smart Program aims to educate people about how to co-exist with not just bears, but with all the wildlife that call the Bow Valley home. Building on the BearSmart concept initiated by the Grizzly Bear Alliance, Defenders of Wildlife and Alberta Fish and Wildlife, the Bow Valley WildSmart will facilitate the development and implementation of "living with wildlife" initiatives in the Bow Valley, which reduce potential human-wildlife interactions and support provincial conservation initiatives.

Association for Mountain Parks Protection & Enjoyment

AMPPE is a grassroots advocacy organization. We champion and promote sustainable tourism, a vibrant mountain economy and responsible human use in our mountain parks. These mountain parks are icons for Canada and around the World. They are a major driver of Canada.s tourism industry, and form a significant portion of protected land in Western Canada. They are places where Canadians and visitors can experience and learn about nature's grandeur, learn about Canada.s natural and built heritage and participate in recreational pursuits. They are a living legacy; maintained and protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley

The Biosphere Institute of the Bow Valley is a non-profit charitable society dedicated to enhancing understanding of ecological integrity as it pertains to the Bow River Watershed. The Biosphere Resource Centre houses a document and map library, and digital databases of information on ecological, economic and social documents relevant to the Bow Valley ecosystem. The facilities are used by a wide range of organizations and individuals including environmental organizations, governments, developers, industry and the general public.

Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance

The Bow Valley Mountain Bike Alliance (BVMBA) is an association of mountain bikers who live mainly in Canmore, Banff and Lake Louise. Alliance members work with land managers on general issues relating to mountain bike use, particularly in Banff National Park (BNP) and the Canmore area. Many of these issues are related to environmental and wildlife concerns, as people and animals struggle to share the same physical space here in the Bow Valley. Other issues relate mainly to trail user conflicts and the growth of informal trails.

Bow Valley Mountain Forum

We think that the Bow Valley is a very special place . and we are not alone! There are tens of organizations and thousands of people in (and outside of) the Bow Valley who are interested in the environment, communities, and businesses that call this valley home. They plan the events, activities and initiatives that make our communities so dynamic. We saw great things happening in the Bow Valley and we wanted to help people keep track of it all, in one place.

Bow Valley Wild Smart

The Bow Valley Wild Smart program is a proactive conservation strategy that encourages efforts by communities to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions.

Defenders of Wildlife Canada

Defenders of Wildlife has long recognized the connections between wild species and the ecosystems they inhabit. We are dedicated to protecting those resources and to helping you protect them too.

Grizzly Bear Alliance

The Grizzly Bear Alliance is a registered Alberta non-profit committed to maintaining a healthy and self-sustaining grizzly bear population in the province of Alberta.

Road Watch in the Pass

Road Watch in the Pass gives you the opportunity to report sightings of wildlife crossing Highway 3. The goal of this project is to collect, analyze and communicate information highlighting crossing locations of wildlife along the highway based on local knowledge and observations.