What is Trailex?

Trailex is a website that allows trail users to share information about trail safety in the Bow Valley (from Banff to Bragg Creek). The goal is to keep humans and wildlife safe. You can view recent postings before you choose where you want to go. Or you can post a message. Share this website with all your friends!

Examples of information you should post:

  • Bear, cougar, wolf, aggressive elk or moose sightings
  • Dead animal carcasses that may indicate a large carnivore is in the area
  • Grizzly bear diggings or other signs of large carnivores
  • Recent trail closures, bear or cougar traps, or bear aversive conditioning

Posting Rules

You will need to register before you can make a post or (optionally) receive posts via email. Please keep information in posts similar to the examples above. Keep it short. Please no curious sightings or roadside postings unless there is a trail safety concern. Inappropriate posts will be removed.

Always Be Prepared

Bears and other wildlife may be encountered at any time on any trail. Learn how to avoid encounters.

  • Travel in groups whenever possible, and make lots of noise
  • Carry bear spray where you can reach it quickly and know how
    to use it
  • Keep dogs on leash
  • Be alert, especially at dawn and dusk
  • Learn to identify common bear foods and signs of bear activity
  • Respect trail closures (the fine is $200-$300 or more)
  • More info on bears
  • More info on cougars

Report Wildlife Sightings

On Provincial Lands: (403) 591-7755
(After hours 24/7 call 1-800-642-3800)

Banff National Park: (403) 762-1470

Register before you post!

You must register to make posts (to prevent SPAM).

When you register, receiving posts via email is an option you can select.

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People must take responsibility for their own decisions. We take no responsibility for inappropriate or misleading information posted on this site. This site is created & funded by Bow Valley residents. If the website is abused it will be discontinued.

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